2016 successful violin competition
January 29, 2016 | 00.00 clock
In "Youth Makes Music" made it into the country's competition
Neuss. Been "Jugend musiziert" When regional competition kick following young musicians from Neuss forwarded to the state competition (category / age group = AG / Name).

Voice (Pop) AG IV: Holtappels, Kim, and in the AG VI Toprakçi, Melisa and AG VII Krum, Clara.

Strings AG III (Violin): S'ngrai, Tchamanda; Nagamatsu, Taishi; Berkner, Fabian, and in the AG V Shen, Carolyn. Cello, AG III: Ulanicki, Natalia; AG IV: Nagle, Zoe and AG V, Neugebauer, Philip. AG III (bass): Thüer, Milan.
Woodwinds (flutes), AG II: Lenz, Anna with pianist Li, Jasmine; Salzmann, Malte duo with Diehl, Jan-Andrej (piano); AG III: Salzmann, Janne with piano partner Schwitalla, Maurice, and in the AG IV Hübner, Laura Elisabeth with pianist Li, Jennifer; (Clarinets) AG III: Schoell, Tjaden with piano partner Mona Masuyama and AG IV, Jansen, Malte John with Seidler, Yannic Maximilian (piano); AG V, Linder, Jacob (oboe) with accompaniment of Kapetanovic, Haris (piano).
2015 successful again at the 52nd regional competition "Jugend musiziert"
Students of the municipal school of music at the regional competition "Jugend musiziert" successful again at the 52nd regional competition the school of music of Dormagen "Jugend musiziert" in Korschenbroich also this year were again successfully. In four categories, participants from Dormagen took first prize and may once again prove their skills at the national competition.

In the solo on flute, Anna Lenz from the class of Johanna Gatys in the age group II took a first prize. You just did it, also from the class of Gaara, Laura Hübner in the age group IV as a flute solo.

In the category duo piano and stringed instrument, age II, Ines Naemi Lamping rejoiced on the piano from the class of Birgit Rees-Nockur and Tchamanda S'ngrai on the violin, teacher Jörg Kramer, also on a first place.

Fourth first winner was then in the same category, age III, Felix Jasper Lamping on the violin, also from the class Kramer. He was accompanied Katharina Kurzawa by Maya on the piano, which, however, is no student of the local music school.

Also, Janna, and Malte s. from the class of Gudrun Knop occupied another first prize on the flute. Second prize winners were also Ronja Reichert, class Paula Hehnen, on the bassoon, Lucy Behrendt and Noelle Görgens, class of Johanna Gaara, both soloists on the flute. LIV Angret Konrad from the class of Paula Hehnen forward to a second place as recorder soloist in her age category.
"Devil violinist"
"Devil violinist" the rediscovery at the concert
Tchamanda S'ngrai was probably the discovery at this year's Chamber Concerto "Literature / Score" at the Leibniz-Gymnasium. With impressive dexterity, the 10-year-old impressed the audience at the rapid runs of "Czardas" by Vittorio Monti
Competition in 2014
S'ngrai, Tchamanda, violin
win 1 Price, 24 points and on to the state competition to Essen by March 2014
Competition 2013
Dormagener students gathered at prices "Young Musicians"
21.01.2013 / Dormagen

Dormagen. Numerous awards, the young talents of the music school Dormagen returned from the 50th Regional Contest "Young Musicians' home in Neuss. About a first prize and on to the state competition were able to Felix Lamping (violin solo) and look the duo Noelle Görgens and Jennifer Li (piano and woodwind). The maximum number in the age group of nine to ten year olds reached the violinist Tchamanda S'ngrai who could also play the final concert in the Music School Neuss. Also a first prize was awarded to Louise Mathia Trompeta (cello), John Güdelhöfer (piano accompaniment), the duo Anna Lenz and Jasmine Li (piano and a woodwind instrument) and the trio Christopher Flaskamp, Andrea Maghiera and Malte Nussberger (chamber music).

About a second prize, Georg Güdelhöfer, Leonie Herbertz, Eric clove crusher, Niklas Kohnenmergen rejoiced (all cello), Matthias Lorenz (piano accompaniment) and the duo Jule Claudia Holzberg and Armanda Bella Ciss (Harp Ensemble). Third prize brought Simon Large, Nele Brünger and Maria Rüssmann (all cello).
Dormagener students gathered at prices "Young Musicians" 21.01.2013 / Dormagen
Competition in 2012
The Regional Young Musicians Competition in 2012 in Dormagen

The music school Dormagen, 2012 host of the regional competition of young musicians.

The auditions will take place from 19th - 21 January 2012 the music school in Dormagen, Langemarkstr.1-3.

The concert of the winners

The concert of the winners for Sunday, 22 Terminated in January 2012 by 5 PM. All participants in the regional competition in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss will receive their certificate and the audience for a music program is offered with a choice of all categories and age groups. Admission is free. The venue is the auditorium of Bettina von Arnim-school Dormagen, Haberlandstr. 14
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